In the Circus world, uniqueness and tradition are both strong currencies. We do both! (very well, in our humble opinion)  With an in-house metal fabricator and sculptor (Thanks Peter!), an in-house textiles designer and trainer (Thanks Ninon!) and a room full of talented performers, we create acts on new apparatus and new spins on the old favourites.

Our performances come to life through our costuming, characters and textile structures. These creations are developed in house by Ninon; most of them have actually been crafted by her own two hands.

We have a vast inventory of textile structures, characters and costuming to suit the themes and aesthetics of our clients shows and events.  For each event we propose options from our current inventory that fit the desired theme or look.  If a specific look does not exist in our inventory we can develop something new and unique.

Many of the events we work in ask for a themed show as opposed to a series of acts put together in sequence. For us, this is when we get to pull out the stops and let our artistic sides shine.

We’ve created several performances tailored to different corporations and events with personalized themes and staff participation elements. We also have stock shows that we can tweak to fit a vision, theme, or specific niche.