Knife Board


Knife Board [ nyahf⋅bord ] Performance Options Feature Act Duo Act

Mini Teeter


Mini Teeter Silly, but with real tricks and flips, Peter and Ninon use one of the world's smallest functional teeterboards to perform an act crafted to a classical waltz.  Geared for family audiences, a small child volunteer becomes an acrobat, performing a slow motion backflip across the stage.   Performance Options Feature Act [...]

Tesseract Comedy

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Tesseract Comedy [ tes⋅er⋅act ha⋅ha ] Tesseract Comedy is a fun filled audience participation favourite.  With the help of brave volunteers, the acrobats execute skilled moves with a few good laughs.  This act has been seen at numberousCorporate events, at the Just for laughs Festival in Montreal, Fukuoka Japan,  Singapore, and in shows with twelve symphony orchestras [...]