Training and Development for Circus Professionals on Canada’s West Coast.

Running away with the circus has taken on a whole new meaning in the last few decades.  TUC Studios is the West Coast’s home for professional circus arts technique, performer development and general quirkiness.  There are several recreational and youth programs in our local area, our studios address the needs of those who are taking it one step further to the professional performance stage.

TUC studio time is a combination of group based, semi-independant and independent training and rehearsal depending on the person, abilities, goals, and the disciplines which they are focused on.  Ninon heads up the this component of the Underground Circus with a focus on strength, conditioning and flexibility.

Training/Rehearsal: We a have a regular schedule however the majority of our Studio Leads (those with the keys) are professionals involved in shows and events.  Because of this our schedule is fluid, and yet consistent, and yet fluid.

To find out what our open training/rehearsal schedule is please contact us at: or 604-521-8131.


Want to join our training/rehearsal sessions and enjoy our awesome studio space?  Here is a breakdown of our fees…they’re pretty simple.

Drop In members are welcome to come as much or as little as they want throughout the year. Keep in mind our schedules are fluid so if you haven’t been in for a while touch base with us to get the current open training schedule.
Monthly membership allows access to open training sessions as many times as you can fit into the month.
One on One training for individuals and groups is available upon request. If you would like more information please contact us at or 604-521-8131

Studio Rental

Do you need a space to train privately, rehearse for an upcoming event, or film a promo video?  Studio rentals are available to fit your needs.  Contact for scheduling details and availability.


Our Main Studio is located on the first floor of our space. It has a painted wood sprung floor and gymnastics style blue mats that cover 3/4 of the room length. The blue mats can be easily rolled up to reveal the wood floor. We have anywhere from 4-6 rigging points setup on a regular basis on fixed points and/or pully systems.


Our Loft Studio is located on the second floor of our space. This room is more private and separate from the rest of the studio spaces. It has painted wood floor and mirrors along one wall.


In our Main Studio we have black draping that can be lowered into the space to create a blackbox theatre setting. Some basic stage lighting is available as well. Our blackbox theatre is perfect for photo and video shoots or intimate stage shows. Other equipment, props, and technical staff are also available for an additional fees.

If you would like to hold a private function at the TUC Studios we welcome the opportunity to host you and your guests. For information on private functions, available equipment, and extras please contact us.

Training FAQ’s

If you are interested in pursuing circus arts in a professional environment but have never tried anything circus related we welcome you to come to one of our group based drop in sessions to try out a variety of disciplines. From their you might find one you love, one you hate, and a few that are interesting but you aren’t really sure yet.
Our standard answer is ‘How long would it take to become a professional tennis player? A professional pianist? How much would you expect to practice?’ Becoming a professional in any discipline depends on a number of factors, there is no cut and dry answer. There are, however, a number of factors that typically shorten the time required to get to a professional standard of circus artist. For example, if a person already has a dance or gymnastic background their bodies will adapt more quickly to the physical demands of circus arts. If you are unsure of your abilities or suitability there is no better way than to come to a group based drop in session and let us guide you and give you some feedback.
We like to be clear on this without sounding harsh or snobbish; we don’t provide recreational training (at this time). There are many programs in the local area who do this very well, we have chosen to stick to the professional side of things.

That being said, we welcome people who are not professionals, who have never done circus or who are currently training in a recreational program to participate in our group based drop in sessions. Our goal is to introduce people to professional training and help them develop along this path. Some who enter our Studios love the transition, others decide that the intensity of professional training is not where whey want to go. We won’t hold it against you if you are the latter…come…try…and decide for yourself.

Visit our FAQ’s page to read more…