Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Have you seen something you MUST HAVE for your next event?

Email us the details: Name, Phone, Date, Time, Venue, Event; and a description of what you had in mind, even if it seems impossible…we like doing the impossible.

Acts range in length base on a number of variables. Typically they are anywhere from 4-7 minutes long.

That is a question that is not easily answered, and not because we don’t want to tell you, but because each event is unique with a different set of needs and challenges. If you need pricing for your event the best way to get a budget number is to contact us with the details so we can propose some options that fit your needs.

We have performed at almost every time of event imaginable in the last decade. To name a few…

Corporate parties
Trade shows
Night clubs
Backyard parties
Sporting Events

….the list could go on…and on…

Yes we can. We have a variety of costuming, props, and music that we work with regularly which we can adapt to fit each event’s needs. If we don’t have something that fits we can work with you to develop custom aesthetics that will bring each event to life.

Yes, Each of our performers is adept at performing to different styles of music, however We do need time to rehearse with the new music. We can adjust our acts to fit specific music requests if given advance notice.

A feature act is a choreographed piece set to music, designed to draw focus and attention of the audience for the duration of the act. Feature acts are typically performed once during an event or show.  The average length of a feature act varies but can be anywhere from 4-7 minutes.


Ambiance Acts create or enhance a mood or atmosphere through movements that are responsive to each event, audience, and music playing.  These acts are not set to specific music nor are they the focus of attention of the entire audience at any given time.  Ambiance acts can be performed more than once during an event or show and are often done in sets of 10-20 minutes depending on the act itself.

Similar to Ambience Acts, Roving Acts are not meant to be the focus of the entire audience at one time. Roving Acts meander through the audience creating up close encounters with guests. These acts are interactive to the guests, environment and theme of events.

Solo Performers/Performances consist of one individual performing on a single apparatus as either a Feature Act or Ambiance Act.

Multiple & Synchronized Performers consist of two or more individuals performing on separate apparatus either in sync as a Feature Act or simultaneously as an Ambience Act.

We’ve inspired you to run away with the circus. Fantastic!

Email us with your details: Name, Phone, Email, Training Background (if any), and Training Goals (if any); so we can get the fun (and sweat) started.

At the moment, we don’t offer recreational classes. Our studio is set up for company training for the Underground Circus, and to train people who are interested in becoming circus professionals. There’s great recreational classes around the lower mainland, they’re easy to find.

That being said, we welcome people who are not professionals, who have never done circus or who are currently training in a recreational program, or who are professionals in a different field to participate in our group based drop in sessions. Our goal is to introduce people to professional training and help them develop along this path. Some who enter our Studios love the transition, others decide that the intensity of professional training is not where whey want to go.

We love it when professionals from other cities and countries visit us to train while they are in town for short…or long stays. You can drop in a few times, come for a month (or months) at a time, or rent our space to rehearse in private.

If you have your own equipment you are welcome to bring it. For safety reasons we will review it prior to it being used in our studios. The insurance guys like this…and it helps us rest easier at night knowing everyone and all equipment is safe.

Peter! All of our rigging is designed and coordinated by Peter, in conjunction with venue specific rigging professionals and engineers when necessary. We can do custom built setups in places where others may not be able to hang. That is a benefit of having an in-house metal fabricator.

Our standard answer is ‘How long would it take to become a professional tennis player? A professional pianist? How much would you expect to practice?’ Becoming a professional in any discipline depends on a number of factors, there is no cut and dry answer. There are, however, a number of factors that typically shorten the time required to get to a professional standard of circus artist. For example, if a person already has a dance or gymnastic background their bodies will adapt more quickly to the physical demands of circus arts. If you are unsure of your abilities or suitability there is no better way than to come to a group based drop in session and let us guide you and give you some feedback.

Yes we can! We love live music. We have performed with live musicians, everything from individual pop singers, to aboriginal vocal and drumming artists, to entire live orchestras. As with any music, if we are performing a Feature Act, we will need a copy of the music ahead of time so we can rehearse our acts.

If you are interested in pursuing circus arts in a professional environment but have never tried anything circus related we welcome you to come to one of our group based drop in sessions to try out a variety of disciplines. From their you might find one you love, one you hate, and a few that are interesting but you aren’t really sure yet.

We can hand craft a custom piece for any application, personal, public, or circus. Send us an email outlining the basics and we will let our imaginations get rolling.

A few times a year we host a show…Quirques…in our Blackbox Theatre. These shows are a showcase of new and questionable material with plenty of cross over between circus, theatre, sport, burlesque, music… etc. The performers are members of the Underground Circus as well as guests from near and far…sometimes very far. The performances showcased in our Quirques shows are typically acts that are still in the development stage, they are not always polished to perfection but they are always entertaining. Quirques is our opportunity to try out new material, acts, ideas and general circus fun. To be notified of the next Quirques follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/tuc.undergroundcircus

We are big supporters of a number of charitable events and initiatives. As with any company, we can’t do every charitable event that is asked of us but we try to fit in as many as we can throughout the year. If you have an event or initiative that you would like to propose please contact us with the details.

Absolutely! We are covered by WCB and liability insurance for our events and training. If you need more specifics about our insurance for your event contact us and we will happily let you know the details of our coverage.