Cards An acrobatic take on buildng a house of cards, it's performed with two foot by three foot playing cards. There are no hooks or gimmicks, all the structures are built simply by leaning the cards against each other. And what would an acrobatic act be without some one performing precarious handstands and flips? [...]

Object Manipulation


Object Manipulation Complex and mesmerizing, Simple and hypnotic, traditional and contact juggling is the manipulation of objects in patterns that seem to defy gravity and reality both.  Flashy throws and quick manipulations, the performer flips and spins objects in seemingly impossible ways. Performance Options Feature Act Ambiance Act [...]

Hand to Hand


Hand to Hand Hand to Hand is built on the possibilities of connecting two bodies. It's one of the oldest of circus acts, and showcases the infinite ways that humans can climb and balance on each other.  It can be dynamic, scuptural or sensual. Performance Options Feature Act Ambiance [...]



Contortion [ kun⋅tor⋅shun ] Balance and flexibility create this decorative, exotic, and truly versatile act.  Contortion is an ever popular circus act, inspiring disbelief and shock at the possibilities of the human body. Contortion can be performed on the structure of your choice: Cube, Table, Aerial Platform Performance Options Feature Act [...]

Light Dance

Light Dance [ lyt⋅dans ] Performance Options Feature Act Solo Act Multi/Synchro Act

Peg Wall

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Peg Wall [ peg⋅whal ] Performance Options Feature Act Ambiance Act Solo Act Duo Act


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Tesseract [ tes⋅er⋅act ] Created as a apparatus for modern Dance by Peter Boulanger, this unique structure was adapted to circus arts by Peter and Ninon at L'Ecole National du Cirque.  It has since been featured in hundreds of shows all over the world. Performance Options Feature Act Ambiance Act [...]

Handstand Contortion


Handstand Contortion A handstand contortion specialist moves with unerring grace and consumate skill. Strong technique in both handstands and contortion make this twisted balancing act a crowd favourite. Performance Options Feature Act Ambiance Act Roving Act Solo Act

Roue Cyr

Roue Cyr [ roo⋅seer ] One of the most recent breakthroughs in new circus apparatus, Roue Cyr, was developed by Daniel Cyr of Quebec.  It’s seeming instability and hypnotic spinning style has fast made it a popular choice for events. Performance Options Feature Act Solo Act [...]



Stack [ stak ] One table, four chairs, one idiot (er...daring acrobat) balancing on top. The act evolves as the chairs are stacked in ever higher and more complicated patterns. The chairs have been designed to let them stack together in a unique way, creating a new twist on a traditional act. Performance Options [...]

Icarian Manipulation


Icarian Manipulation [ i⋅care⋅ee⋅an man⋅ip⋅u⋅la⋅shun ] Performance Options Ambiance Act Duo Act


Trio [ tree⋅oh ] This hand to hand trio combines circus technique with stunt action. A full out brawl between three men over the possession of what ever precious object is appropriate for the occasion. High energy, comedy, and adaptable to most spaces. Performance Options Feature Act [...]



Butterfly [ buh⋅ter⋅fli ] Performance Options   Roving Act Solo Act Multi/Synchro Act

Knife Board


Knife Board [ nyahf⋅bord ] Performance Options Feature Act Duo Act

Mini Teeter


Mini Teeter Silly, but with real tricks and flips, Peter and Ninon use one of the world's smallest functional teeterboards to perform an act crafted to a classical waltz.  Geared for family audiences, a small child volunteer becomes an acrobat, performing a slow motion backflip across the stage.   Performance Options Feature Act [...]


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Eyeballers [ ahy⋅bal⋅ers ] The eyeballers are a crowd pleaser either as stand alone props or with the eyeball masters.  Guests will feel like the eyes are following them...and in some cases they will be right. Performance Options Roving Act Solo Act


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Marionette [ mar⋅ee⋅uh⋅net ] The stilt artist plays the part of a puppeteer controlling their puppet, the contortionist. Together they move around the room, puppeteer pulling the puppet into beautiful yet twisted positions. Performance Options Ambiance Act Roving Act Duo Act

Trampoline Wall


Trampoline Wall [ tram⋅puh⋅leen wha⋅l ] Performance Options Feature Act Ambiance Act Solo Act Duo Act

Tesseract Comedy

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Tesseract Comedy [ tes⋅er⋅act ha⋅ha ] Tesseract Comedy is a fun filled audience participation favourite.  With the help of brave volunteers, the acrobats execute skilled moves with a few good laughs.  This act has been seen at numberousCorporate events, at the Just for laughs Festival in Montreal, Fukuoka Japan,  Singapore, and in shows with twelve symphony orchestras [...]


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Alice [ ahl⋅is ] Performance Options Feature Act Ambiance Act Duo Act