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David David is the largest marionette in Norh America, and the only one in the world designed to hold circus acts in its hands. Created for the opening of Vancouver's newest Convention Centre, it's been featured at events such as the TED wrap party in Long Beach California,  the Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show,  and [...]


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Eagle [ ee⋅guh⋅l ] This majestic bird with a 60 foot wing span was featured at the Calgary Stampede’s 100th Anniversary Grandstand Show during Paul Brandt’s performance. The Eagle brought world champion aboriginal entertainer, Dallas Arcand, to centre stage for his performance of the hoop dance. The Eagle can be a fixed sculpture, or [...]


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Dragon [ dra⋅gun ] The Dragons are a pair of aluminum welded co2 snorting beasts.  Our fearsome Dragons are now permanently installed at the Hakkasan Nightclub but new Dragon spawn can be sculpted for future events.

Les Chevaux

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Les Chevaux [ lay⋅chu⋅vo ] Our Chevaux are a pair of larger than life horse sculptures who's presents in a room can't be ignored.  When piloted by circus staff these aluminum beasts come to life in a playful and life like way. Les Chevaux can also be un-manned to create sculptural ambiance either low to the ground [...]


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Eyeballers [ ahy⋅bal⋅ers ] The eyeballers are a crowd pleaser either as stand alone props or with the eyeball masters.  Guests will feel like the eyes are following them...and in some cases they will be right. Performance Options Roving Act Solo Act

Ground Bubble

Ground Bubble [ ground buh⋅bul ] The bubble is a 7 1/2 foot clear vinyl bubble, inflated with or without performers inside.  The bubble is also waterproof, enabling it to float on water, with a performer inside as well.  The ground bubble can be a stand alone item, an addition to select ground acts or used in [...]


Lantern [ lan⋅turn ] A platform that can be decorated to resemble a lantern hung from the ceiling. An artist can stay in the platform for up to 2 hours prior to an aerial performance, at which point they lower their fabric, and slide down to perform adding a surprise element to an already daring act. [...]

Giant Aerial Jellyfish

Giant Aerial Jellyfish A platform that can be decorated in several ways but most famously as our Giant Aerial Jellyfish.  These can be a stand alone prop or an addition to aerial acts.  An artist can stay in the platform for up to 2 hours prior to an aerial performance, at which point they lower their [...]


Diamond [ dahy⋅muh⋅nd ] The diamond is a four sided four foot tall mirrored gem with electronic side panels that open like a flower to revel what is inside. It can fit up to three performers, smallish objects or one enthusiastic company president.


Oyster [ oi⋅ster ]