The Necklace

The Necklace [ the⋅nek⋅lace] A story of Love, Betrayal, Greed, and Circus.  It's about a necklace that gets bought, sold, stolen, found, and given away.  It goes around the entire cast provoking confrontation and alliances.   It's a chance to show strong technical circus combined with sophisticated storytelling, and a lot of playfullness. It was [...]

Pools of Light

Pools of Light [ poo⋅ls of ly⋅t ]

Skookum Cirque

Skookum Cirque [ skoo⋅kum sirk ]

Earth Circus

Earth Circus [ urth cer⋅kus ]

Backstage Circus

Backstage Circus [ bak⋅sta⋅g sur⋅kus ]