Written by: Peter Boulanger
Competition Location: Vancouver, BC

In 2005, we performed at an event where we had to do our circus acts to whatever music happened to be playing at the time. To practice for it, we brought random pieces of music to the gym, and challenged each other to perform to the piece, and there it was, a random music circus competition.

It turned out to be fun, and quite challenging, so in 2006, we hosted the FEIRMCC.

It was a huge sucess. Both the crowd and the performers had a great time. The event was very well attended by the Vancouver Circus Community, and we were honoured by the presence of circus performers coming up from Seattle. It was the first event that had ever been open to the entire circus community in Vancouver, and we hope to make it a (randomly) annual affair.

Lindy Sisson – Artistic Director of the Vancouver International Children’s Festival.
Shawn Farquhar – who’s won more awards in magic than any other magician in Candian history.
Annie Boulanger – Theatre critic, Gymnastic judge, ..and my mom.

~The Rules~

  • Acts could not be created for the competition, it had to be your regular act
  • Solo acts were given a piece of music between 3 1/2 and 5 minutes long.
  • Acts with more than one performer were given music close to their regular time
  • The talented David Aiken prepared a choice of six songs for each act. Each act rolled a six sided die, and were told the name of the song, and the length.
  • And then they were told “Go”