Circus And Magic Partnership

The CAMP Program was started 12 years ago by the wonderful Neil Rempel. Neil grew up in Winnepeg, was lured into the sordid life of street performing, and it was at the Edmonton International Street Performing Festival about 20 years ago that we first saw “Young Raoul”.

As young circus performers fresh off a tour with Cirque du Soleil, it was a …memorable…. experience.

Some time later, we were asked to join the CAMP program, and in the ten years we’ve participated, it’s always the highlight of our year.  Neil brings in a incredible cast of teachers from across North America, and we get a chance to work with the youth of Manitoba, up in the far North, and in the great city of Winnepeg.

As well as running the CAMP Program, Neil Rempel is also the Artistic Director of the Winnepeg International Children’s Festival.